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About Us

NextFoods specialises in importing innovative and market leading plant based products for retail and foodservice markets into Europe.

NextFoods drives a lean, accountable and efficient operation that emphasizes a comprehensive approach to supply chain management and brand development.

  • Continuous market research to identify opportunities, market trends, competition and stimulate new product developments.
  • Safe and compliant importation, including precisely controlled perishable transportation and up-to-date application of regulatory requirements.
  • Our driven sales and marketing team forge relationships and marketplace strategies that ultimately achieve brand loyalty and successful outcomes for our partners.

Across all operations, a timely and professional approach ensures products reach the consumer at competitive prices with consistent quality.

What sets us apart?

  • Sales. Marketing. Logistics.
  • We work with market game changers.
  • NextFood’s commitment begins at the earliest stages of concept development and extends through research, market testing and product development.
  • Our multi-faceted sales approach allows for comprehensive market coverage within retail and food service industries.
  • We have an excellent track record of maintaining competitive pricing despite adverse market conditions. This is achieved through advanced costing, forward planning, effective inventory management and currency hedging measures.